The aim of mindfulness isn’t to rid our lives of feelings all together. Nor is the aim of mindfulness to be present 100% of the time.

Instead, mindfulness gives us the space of mind to allow these feelings in when they present themselves, to sit with and hold them and let them pass like they always will. It is when we (usually unconsciously) choose not to allow ourselves to feel our emotions that they manifest in our body and mind, which creates implications for our physical and mental health.

Consider our emotional capacity like a pot or a bowl. This is true for our children too. Each emotion adds to filling this bowl and eventually, if we don’t express and process, the pot boils over and our healthy emotions can quickly turn into behaviours that don’t align with us.

Mindfulness teaches us skills that support this moving of emotions from the internal to the external. Giving us tools in a tool kit that arms us with the ability to identify, express and release our emotions, which allows us to return to a grounded baseline and sense of calm.


One of the most powerful ways children learn is by observing the adults closest to them. We must first be compassionate to ourselves. By role modelling mindfulness practices in our own lives, children are both more likely to have a mindfulness practice of their own, but also feel calmer as we are providing them with a secure base by being calmer through our own mindfulness practice.


Verbal language isn’t a child’s natural way to communicate, they have a smaller vocabulary and their instinctual urge is to communicate through behaviour and play. Visual tools such as emotion cards, art and drawing can help a child to express how they are feeling, build their emotional vocabulary and connect with the physical experience of an emotion – which is a mindfulness practice in itself.


Controlling, calming and observing the breath is an easy way for adults and children alike to calm the central nervous system and return the mind to the present moment. There are guided scripts you can listen to but once familiar, this is a practice anyone can do anywhere.


Play is how children express and process thoughts, feelings and experiences. By prioritising play at home through the provision of quality, open-ended toys, you are providing a therapeutic and educational space for your child to thrive.


Discuss what you are grateful for over dinner. Regularly practicing gratitude builds connections in our brain that allows us to foster a growth mindset. This means we are more likely to see the positive things in our lives and it deepens our connection with others.

Ark and Luna brings together simple products that you can easily welcome into your home to introduce mindfulness with ease.

Our owner, Hannah, brings her wealth of knowledge as a counsellor and play therapist to families around the world.

Our online course provides families with a framework for introducing mindfulness into daily life and our store curates the best range of mindfulness and imaginative play toys and resources for families.

My son has been so overwhelmed since starting school. With severe allergies & associated anxiety it has been an uphill battle. This little doll has completely changed our lives!! He keeps it under his pillow and I’ve noticed it in his school bag in times of need. The little story & instructions that come with it are so helpful. Thank you Hannah for empowering my little man & providing the tools to help him through his days! Forever grateful!! Xx


I purchased the worry doll for my 6 yr old daughter who has anxiety. As soon as she opened the package she loved her – the doll is so beautifully made and my daughter connected with her instantly as she loves nature. The doll usually lives next to her pillow in a little house my daughter made for her, but tonight the doll has gone with my daughter for a sleep over at her grandparents and she has taken the doll “to help me feel less nervous”. Thank you Hannah, we love her!

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